Watch the new Riddler-featuring trailer for ‘Gotham’

Cory Michael Smith plays the villain in the Batman-affiliated series

The new trailer for the current third season of Gotham has been released, teasing the arrival of the Riddler.

Currently on its mid-season break, the third season of the Batman-affiliated crime drama will return on April 24 in the US, where it airs on Fox. Gotham will return to screens in the UK later this year, where it is broadcast on Channel 5.

The first episode of the show’s return, titled ‘How The Riddler Got His Name’, will see Edward Nygma (played by Cory Michael Smith) adopting the villainous persona of the Riddler, one of Batman’s sworn enemies. Speaking in the trailer, Nygma hints at his alter-ego: “All my life, I felt there was someone inside of me.”

Nygma is then show wearing the Riddler’s inimitable green suit, black gloves and bowler hat, before presiding over an assembly at the Gotham City Police Academy.

Watch the Riddler-featuring trailer for the return of the third season of Gotham below.

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Margot Robbie is set to reprise the lead role in the film, after playing the character in last year’s Suicide Squad.