New ‘Rick and Morty’ anime special reveals shared identity plot line

The new special seems to change everything you knew about the show...

Another surprise new Rick and Morty anime short has been released online, and it raises some major questions around the relationship between the two main characters.

Back in March, Adult Swim shared a five-minute Rick and Morty short called Samurai & Shogun, created by Japanese studio Deen Digital.

Now, Deen have shared a surprise, unannounced second edition called Rick and Morty vs. Genocider, which you can watch below. Though the specials haven’t been created by Rick and Morty’s studio Adult Swim, the studio have promoted both episodes, meaning that storylines from the shows will impact the main show, whose fifth series is currently in the works.


The first short from back in March took place in an alternate dimension, seeing samurai Rick fighting off a hoard of ninja Ricks.

Rick WTM-72 confronts by the group as he tries to move Shogun Morty, slicing some of them to pieces before the rest manage to trap him in a hallucinogenic state.

The new episode sees Rick being hunted by Evil Morty and a Citadel of Ricks, who are masquerading as a group called the Genociders.

Fans of the show are convinced that the episode confirms a prominent fan theory that Rick and Morty are in fact the same person. When Rick departs to fight the Genociders, he refers to Morty as ‘Rick Sanchez’, and as he’s saying his goodbyes, Rick’s reflection overlaps with Morty’s face.


Last month, Adult Swim shared a first look at Rick and Morty season five with an early draft version of a new scene.

After revealing that they could keep recording new episodes during lockdown, Justin Roiland admitted back in May that he would be keen to release one episode of the show per month instead of the show’s usual series roll-out.