New stars added to ‘House Of Cards’ cast following Kevin Spacey’s removal

The Netflix series will run for one more season following the allegations of sexual misconduct levelled at the actor

Two new stars have been added to the House Of Cards cast following the removal of Kevin Spacey.

The actor will no longer play a part in the show’s sixth and final season after being accused of sexual misconduct. Following the claims, Spacey issued a statement saying that he was “taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment”.

Spacey’s character Frank Underwood has since been written out of the series and production is back underway, with the programme’s direction now focused on Robin Wright’s character Claire Underwood.


The New York Times reports that Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane have now joined the cast and will play a brother and sister. Further details about their roles have yet to be announced.

House Of Cards cast
Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane have joined the ‘House Of Cards’ cast

The final season of House Of Cards will run for eight episodes rather than its usual 13, and could be released as early as later this year.

Recently, actor Joel Kinnaman – who appeared in the fourth and fifth seasons of the show – said that the allegations made against Spacey “weren’t a big shock”.

“I have five or six friends I know who have told stories about Kevin about when they were young and had just arrived in Hollywood,” Kinnaman said.

“He tried to… he gave me a very warm welcome in Baltimore,” he added. “But later, when you learnt that he had supposedly behaved this way with 14-year-olds, then it’s like: ‘Thank you and goodbye.’”

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