New York Police Commissioner: bomb hoax sounds like a Homeland episode

William Bratton called the warning email sent to NYC schools "not a credible threat"

New York Police Chief Commissioner William Bratton has dismissed a threat made by email to New York schools as being akin to a Homeland episode.

The bomb-threat email was sent to a New York Police Superintendent early on Tuesday, with the force determining that the email mirrored episodes of the show, and finding fault – amongst other things – with the email’s failure to use a capital ‘A’ in the word Allah.

“I think the initiator, the instigator of the threat may be a ‘Homeland’ fan, basically watching ‘Homeland’ episodes. It mirrors a lot of recent episodes on ‘Homeland,'” Bratton said.


“This is not a credible threat. It is not something that we are concerned with. What we would be concerned with is overreacting to it,” he argued.

The email was also described as generic and implausible, having been sent to numerous school districts across America. Los Angeles had earlier closed schools, keeping 600,000 students at home after their School District Superintendent said that he “couldn’t take a risk.”


Homeland returned for its 5th season earlier this year, with the series currently eleven episodes old, with just the finale to come. The latest season is filmed entirely in Berlin, and introduces four new series regulars in the forms of Sebastian Koch, Miranda Otto, Alexander Fehling and Sarah Sokolovic.

The season is up for a number of awards from the Screen Actors’ Guild, including Claire Danes’ nomination for Best Drama Actress, a Best Drama Ensemble nomination and a Best Stunt Team nomination.

The final episode of the series is released on December 20, and is titled ‘A False Glimmer’.