This is the nation’s favourite ‘Friends’ character

The one with the popularity vote

A new YouGov poll has revealed who the nation’s favourite Friends character is.

The hit sitcom originally ran for 10 seasons between 1994 and 2004, and recently arrived on Netflix in the UK. 

Now, viewers have had their say in who the best of the friends. Monica is the least favourite main character on the show with only five percent of the votes. Her brother Ross didn’t fare much better, only scoring one percent more.


Phoebe is the highest-ranking of the female characters with 15 percent, while Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel gained 13 percent of the vote. Loveable Joey Tribbiani came in second place with 17 percent, leaving Chandler Bing in poll position with 20 percent of the final vote.

According to the poll, men are six percent more likely than women to be fans of Joey, while the opposite is true of Phoebe.

Phoebe is also seen as the nicest Friend, according to the results, with Joey ranked as the most fun, and Chandler the funniest. Rachel was unanimously voted as the most attractive Friend with 50 percent of the vote.

The least popular characters also scored highly in the negative fields, with Monica seen as the least nice Friend, and Ross the most annoying.

Joey, meanwhile, came out on top when voters were asked who would make for the best spin-off show with 18 percent. The second choice was Phoebe with 15 percent.


Since being made available on Netflix, Friends has been criticised by new viewers as being “sexist” and “homophobic”. In addition, viewers have noticed the lack of racial diversity in the series, with its focus on five white characters.