Next Game of Thrones episode features “best sequences in all six seasons”

Writer says season 6 episode 7 features his favourite sequence

Game of Thrones season six is in full swing and next week’s episode seven contains a “favourite sequence” in all six seasons.

Writer Bryan Cogman says that audiences can expect a big sequence that reportedly took a week to film.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Cogman said: “All I can say about next week’s episode is there was a week of shooting a particular sequence/storyline that was my favourite week on set in six seasons of Game of Thrones.”


Continuing to talk of the recent happenings in season six, Cogman said that he expected the Hodor sequence to get a big reaction. “First, simply because the character is so beloved by the fans. And second, because the sequence moves the story and mythology into such a new and mind-bending direction,” he explained.

“I’m very pleased that it’s been so well received. I watch the show every week in a screening room with a bunch of friends, and it was pretty thrilling gauging their reactions throughout the sequence.”

Earlier this week (May 31) Wilko Johnson said he would love his Game Of Thrones character Ser Ilyn Payne to return to the series. Johnson played mute executioner Payne in the first two series of the Sky Atlantic drama, before the singer was diagnosed with cancer.

Payne is still alive in the show, and Johnson recovered from pancreatic cancer in 2014. Johnson told NME: “I’d certainly love to go back to Game Of Thrones. It was so much fun, and my character is still alive, so it’s certainly possible.” Game of Thrones season six, episode seven airs on Monday on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.