Nicole Kidman accidentally drops huge ‘Big Little Lies’ spoiler at season 2 premiere

Kidman lets slip the fate of a major character as the HBO drama returns

Nicole Kidman has accidentally revealed a major spoiler of ‘Big Little Lies’ – at the show’s season two premiere.

Kidman let slip the spoiler while she and fellow cast members of the acclaimed HBO drama were discussing the show at a panel in New York.

The actor returns as Celeste, alongside fellow season one stars Zoe Kravitz, Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley.

New to the cast is Meryl Streep, who plays the mother of Perry – the abusive husband played by Alexander Skarsgard, murdered at the end of season one.

The new season kicks off as Celeste and her fellow conspirators in Perry’s murder – dubbed ‘The Monterey Five’ – see their world fall apart in the aftermath of the killing.


After his character’s death, it appeared unlikely that Skarsgard would be able to return in the new series.

The actor had refused to comment on Perry’s appearance in the second season.

However, Kidman accidentally revealed Skarsgard will appear. She said during the panel discussion: “He was the most incredible acting partner, and then he came back for season two.”

According to People, Reese Witherspoon then tried to prevent Kidman from carrying on talking about Skarsgard.

Kidman tried to backtrack, saying: “He has a little bit of a part in the sense of…on the basis of…OK, I’ll be quiet. He didn’t abandon us, we’ll put it that way.”

The series returns in the States on HBO on June 10. A transmission date in the UK has yet to be confirmed, but Sky Atlantic have said it will be “soon” after the show airs in the US.