No ‘Sex And The City’ prequel, says director

Michael Patrick King: 'It's something I don't even imagine doing'

Michael Patrick King, who directed both film versions of the television show Sex And The City, has dismissed speculation that he will be involved in a prequel movie.

King, who first turned the books by Candace Bushnell into the hit HBO show, said that the idea of delving into Carrie Bradshaw‘s past isn’t something that interests him.

Speaking at a press tour for TV critics, King said:

I am not working on any Sex And The City prequel at all. My Carrie Bradshaw started at 33 and I took her to 40… For me the idea of going backward and making her less evolved…is something I don’t even imagine doing

The show spawned two films starring Sarah Jessica Parker and company. The first pulled in $415 million (£253 million) worldwide, while the sequel managed $288 million (£176 million).

King is not the only member of the original production to cast doubt over the reported prequel, with Kristin Davis also voicing her reluctance at the rumours. The actress said:

Why would we rewrite that? And then have, like, different people with our names? It’s kind of freaky.

King is currently working as executive producer on the comedy 2 Broke Girls starring Kat Dennings. The show centres on two young waitresses working in a run-down New York diner.

The new show has been described as the “anti Sex And The City” with King saying, “those [Sex And The City] girls had relationship checklists. These girls barely have cheques.”

2 Broke Girls is due to air in the US in September.