Noel Edmonds criticised after claiming that small electronic box “tackles cancer”

The Deal or No Deal host said that the "simple" was capable of tackling cancer.

Noel Edmonds has been criticised after he seemingly suggested that a small electronic box was able to “tackle cancer”.

The Deal or No Deal host posted a picture of the IMRS box on Twitter, and said that the “simple” device was able to reduce depression, stress, and was even capable of tackling cancer.

But the photo prompted a wave of criticism from Twitter users, who said that there was no scientific evidence to back up Edmonds’ claims.

One user, who claims to have kidney cancer, even accused Edmonds of “quackery”, before the TV host hit back and claimed that the man’s cancer may have been caused by his “negative attitude.”

The box is produced by Swiss Bionics Solutions, and functions by producing small magnetic fields.

However, the CEO of the company has now distanced himself from Edmonds’ claims, and said that the device is intended to enhance relaxation – but does not tackle cancer.

CEO Wolfgang Jaksche told The Guardian: “These people are desperate”

“We cannot utilise the desperation of people to make business. This is against our philosophy.”

Edmonds also promoted a similar product, called EMPad, prompting an “urgent” investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority.