Noel Edmonds says he wants to buy ‘terminally ill’ BBC

TV personality details plans for purchasing public service

Noel Edmonds has expanded on his plans to buy the BBC.

Deal Or No Deal host Edmonds, who hosted shows such as Noel’s House Party for the broadcaster until he left in 1999, appeared on Newsnight yesterday evening (March 17). The TV personality, who had previously revealed that he was part of a group of investors interested in purchasing the public service, said the BBC was like a “terminally ill patient” in need of an “outside cure”.

Speaking to Jeremy Paxman, he said: “I have a massive love and respect for the BBC but it doesn’t have enough control over its future. It is a patient which is now terminally ill and it needs another force from outside to cure it and make it fit for a world we couldn’t envision 10 years ago.

“In 10 years’ time we will be getting our entertainment, information and education in a totally different way.”

He also said of his investment group: “Project Reith pre-dates everything that’s recently happened. By that I mean the Jimmy Savile scandal, [director-general] George Entwistle resigning, the matter of executive pay, the BBC Three cut. The project started about 18 months ago.”

It was revealed earlier this month that BBC Three is facing the axe as an on-air station. BBC Three is the broadcaster’s youth-focused station and is formerly home to comedies including The Mighty Boosh, but there are plans to turn it into a solely online channel as part of a drive to make £100m savings.