Noel Edmonds will call your pets to offer words of “appreciation and motivation”

The 'Deal or No Deal' host is offering out a new service

Noel Edmonds has baffled Twitter users after offering a service that calls your pets to offer words of “appreciation and motivation”.

The TV presenter has allegedly launched a website, offering personal phone calls that aim to cheer up household pets.

The website description reads, “What would life be like without our feathered, furry, scalely friends? Well the answer is- pretty miserable. So I want to make these precious chums feel important and appreciated.”


It continues, “Its amazing how a simple brief phone call can pick up the spirits of the most dejected hamster, the most stressed goldfish and the most neurotic cat. Please allow me to call your pet and offer positive words of appreciation and motivation.”

According to The Guardian, writer Peter Ormerod tried out the new site and claims his cat received a phone call from Noel Edmonds.

Recalling the conversation he wrote: “On Saturday, at 12.26pm Noel Edmonds phoned me up and then proceeded to talk to my cat, offering her words of affirmation and motivation,” said Peter.

“I never actually thought the actual Edmonds would actually call and actually speak to my actual cat. I had Noel Edmonds on loudspeaker and heard everything. He hoped she was having fun doing what I told him she does.”