Noel Fielding teases return of ‘The Mighty Boosh’

"There really wasn’t enough Boosh this decade!"

Noel Fielding has hinted there will be more of The Mighty Boosh in the new decade.

The comedian and television presenter, who co-wrote as well as starred in the surreal cult comedy series with Julian Barratt from 2004-09, posted an image of himself and Barratt on Instagram and suggested it’s time for a comeback.


“There really wasn’t enough Boosh this decade! let’s try and rectify that in the next one,” Fielding wrote beneath the photo.

Last year Fielding and Barratt returned as The Mighty Boosh for the first time in five years to become the UK’s Record Store Day ambassadors for 2019.

“We are approaching singularity, when computers will overtake and replace us. Therefore, it suddenly felt prescient to outwit them and somehow save our precious early recordings onto a format that the dawning artificial intelligences will not see as a threat,” Barratt said of their acceptance to be ambassadors.

The Mighty Boosh comedy troupe has existed in many artistic forms since its inception in 1998 – from stand-up shows and gigs to a radio series and a celebrated TV show.

In recent years, Fielding has co-presented The Great British Bake Off since its move from the BBC to Channel 4, while Barratt has starred in TV shows including Flowers and Killing Eve.