Norman Reedus wants Daryl to stay on ‘The Walking Dead’ until the very end

"I started the show, and I'd like to bookend the show"

Norman Reedus has spoken about his ambition to continue playing Daryl on The Walking Dead until the show’s very end.

The actor has been a major part of the zombie drama’s cast since the first season aired in October 2010, and, with the departure of Andrew Lincoln late last year, Reedus’ Daryl has now become one of the leading characters on The Walking Dead, which is currently in its ninth season.

The Walking Dead was commissioned for a tenth season last month, and Reedus has now spoken about his aim to be involved with the show for as long as it remains on the air.

“I started the show and I’d like to bookend the show,” he told this week. “I’d like to be there when it ends. I just don’t know when the endgame is.

Daryl and the gang with his new pet dog, which is called ‘Dog’

“I just don’t want the brand to get watered down too much,” he continued. “You got this goose that lays the golden egg, sooner or later you got to let the goose fly free. You don’t want to kill it. I don’t know if that’ll happen, we’ve got a lot of good, creative people on the show, but if this show went on for 20 years, it would get watered down, there’s no way around it.”

Reedus did concede that one of the scant few scenarios which might prompt his departure ahead of the show’s eventual conclusion would be if it “ever lost track of what it was”.

“There’s two feet on the ground, it’s the end of the world, you either fight for this cause or you run away from this cause,” he said in reference to his belief about what the spirit of the show currently is. “But this is your chance to show who you would be in this situation.”

In addition to the ongoing prequel series Fear The Walking Dead and the three planned spin-off movies which’ll centre on Rick Grimes, Walking Dead producers recently revealed that a third spin-off production is also in the works.