OJ Simpson: Made In America trailer launched – watch

The seven-hour documentary on Simpson's life will air for the first time in June

The first trailer for OJ Simpson: Made In America – in which the former American footballer plays himself – has been launched.

The seven-hour, five-part documentary directed by Ezra Edelman will focus more on OJ Simpson‘s life and American football career, dealing with issues like race relations in Los Angeles around the time of the murder, and Simpson’s approach to celebrity.

Speaking at a Q&A about the film. Entertainment Weekly report that Edelmen described the documentary as follows:

“One that explores O.J.’s life and how race and his pursuit of celebrity shaped it… while at the same time documenting the racial dynamics of L.A. and the relationship between its police force and black citizens – a relationship thrust front and center into the discussion of the murders, and one that proved a vital determinant in the outcome of the trial.”

Variety earlier reported on the show after seeing a preview at Sundance Film Festival, saying it “adds rich contextual layers to the case, including a dive into the history of Los Angeles race relations that played such a central role in his acquittal”

Watch the new trailer – which like the documentary, is not dominated by Simpson’s murder trial, but by other aspects of his life – via YouTube, below:

Simpson was acquited of the murder of his wife Nicole Brown after an infamous car chase and polarising trial in 1995. Brown died in June 1994. Simpson went to jail in 2008 for robbery, and has been the subject of a number of recent features 20 years after the murder trial.

American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson, for example, was shown on BBC2 earlier this year.