Olly Murs on his ‘X Factor’ slip-up: ‘I’d probably have chinned Dermot if it had happened to me’

Murs says he was 'mortified' when he appeared to announce the results early on recent episode

Olly Murs has admitted he was “mortified” by his recent slip-up on The X Factor.

During a recent Sunday night results show, Murs appeared to announce the name of the eliminated contestant prematurely, telling Monica Michael she had been voted off the competition before the decision went to deadlock.

Caroline Flack quickly stepped in to correct her co-host, and Murs later apologised for what he called a “massive fuck up”. The duo took the helm of Simon Cowell’s singing contest this year, replacing Dermot O’Leary, who had hosted the show between 2007 and 2014.

Recalling his mistake on Alan Carr’s Channel 4 chatshow tonight, Murs says: “I was mortified. More mortified because of me being a contestant and I know how tense that moment is. That is what really hurt me the most. If that was me on stage, I probably would have chinned Dermot. I felt really bad for her and I couldn’t have apologised more. I mean, I said sorry about 20 times on stage.”

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Continuing, Murs dismisses rumours that the the contestant’s elimination might have been some kind of fix, saying: “We had no idea Monica was leaving the competition.”

Though Cowell was apparently “really cool” about Murs’ mistake, the singer-turned-presenter admits that he was taken aback by the amount of criticism he received online. “I really couldn’t believe the kind of hate I was getting. It was quite bad,” he says. “I went on Twitter for two seconds and I threw my phone. I actually have got a massive crack on my phone where I just threw it.”

Olly Murs appears on Alan Carr Chatty Man tonight (November 27) at 10pm on Channel 4.