‘Orange Is The New Black’ star claims she was born with teeth and kept in a cage as a child

Kate Mulgrew speaks in new interview on ITV's 'Lorraine'

Orange Is The New Black actress Kate Mulgrew has made claims about her childhood in a new interview.

Mulgrew plays Galina “Red” Reznikov in the hit Netflix show, having previously portrayed Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager.

Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine, the star claimed to have been born with teeth and kept in a cage until the age of four. Natal teeth are very uncommon and only happens roughly every 1 in 2,000-3,000 births.

“They were pearlescent, blue,” she explained. “They’re very dangerous because the baby can swallow them.”

Mulgrew continued: “They built me a little cage, because I had no sense of pain until I was four years old. So I was born with teeth and had no sense of pain. Shakespeare would have had a field day. It’s a witch! That’s what a witch is.”

Watch in the clip below.

Orange Is The New Black will return on June 17, following news that Netflix has commissioned a further three seasons of the show.