Original ‘Game Of Thrones’ pilot script found, and it has some pretty major changes

This version of the first ever episode never made it to air

The original script for the Game Of Thrones pilot has been found, and there are some big changes between it and the episode that aired.

The first ever episode of the long-running HBO show was titled ‘Winter Is Coming’ and aired on April 17, 2011.

The production draft of that episode’s original script hasn’t been shared in full but some excerpts have made their way online. Some of the key differences include Cersei burning Robert’s feather, Daenerys consenting to sex with Khal Drogo on their wedding night, and the sex scene between Cersei and Jaime being much more violent and non-consensual.


The script also reveals that, as per the book, the White Walkers were going to be introduced with their language, Skroth, and that Catelyn Stark wanted Sansa to become queen.

Some of these changes, such as Cersei burning the feather, would have changed moments in future series, although it’s unclear how drastically different the show would have been if this version had aired.

The draft was found by the Huffington Post in George R.R. Martin’s collection at the Texas A&M’s Cushing Memorial Library, where the author has been storing his works for years.

Meanwhile, Game Of Thrones will come to an end this year with its eighth season. The final series will premiere on April 14 but it won’t be the last time Westeros is shown on screen. A prequel show, The Long Night, is already in the works at HBO and could air as early as 2020.