‘Ozark’ star Charlie Tahan on the Netflix drama’s upcoming final season

Filming is in full swing, following COVID-related delays

Actor Charlie Tahan has spoken to NME about the fourth and final season of Ozark, which will be released via Netflix in two parts on a to-be-confirmed date in the future.

Tahan’s character in Ozark, Wyatt, had one of the most eventful character arcs in season three – going from aspiring college student to lover of infamous drug leader Darlene Snell, in a move fans of the show didn’t see coming.

“It’s nerve-wracking,” said Tahan, when asked if he anticipates a dramatic ending to his character’s story. “With an ongoing show, you don’t have all the scripts, it goes on for years. So you know, you have no idea how the show’s going to turn out… But I mean I have a lot of trust with the writers at Ozark.”


Charlie Tahan Ozark
Charlie Tahan in ‘Ozark’ – Credit: Alamy

Talking about about the attention he received when news broke that his character was suddenly in a relationship with one of the show’s villains, Tahan said: “It [was] funny. I like that it got [all this] attention!”

According to Tahan, filming for season four is now in full swing after delays brought by the coronavirus pandemic last year. “There’s usually ten episodes each season but they’re doing 14 now,” he said. “COVID [has] slowed things down quite a bit but we’re moving along pretty well.”

For now, Tahan is concentrating on the release for his new film Drunk Bus which he says despite it being a comedy, didn’t feel all that different from his work on Ozark.

Available to watch online now, Drunk Bus sees Tahan leading a film for the first time in his career. He plays Michael, a recent graduate whose post-university plan is derailed when his girlfriend leaves him for a job in New York. Michael finds himself stuck in Ohio driving the university night bus around campus, ferrying drunk students back and forth to their dorms.


Asked if his scene-stealing season three role in Ozark helped him to prepare for his part as a leading man, Tahan told NME: “I’m sure it did. I mean, I learn a tonne on every project. Television’s different and every job feels so different and you know, by no means did anyone make me feel like the weight of this movie was on my shoulders. Honestly, I was thankful that it didn’t feel that different.”

“I think the main difference between that and doing something like Ozark would more have to do with that being TV and a movie but as far as the work day goes, it doesn’t feel all that different. I mean obviously, when you’re doing a drama [like Ozark], you might deal with a lot more emotional stuff that day but all in all it’s the same sort of feeling I think on my end.”

Charlie Tahan
Charlie Tahan in ‘Drunk Bus’ – Credit: Blue Finch Film Releasing

Tahan enjoyed taking on a largely comedic role for the first time. “I honestly could not have wished for a better group of people to do I guess my first lead if it’s called that, but I had a tonne of fun making it and I think it’s really funny, people seem to like it.”

At one point, Tahan kept breaking into laughter during scenes shared with Dave Hill who plays drug dealer and Devo-superfan, Devo Ted in the film.

“I don’t think my performance is great in those scenes because I honestly think that for real they had to edit around it because I wasn’t not laughing in any of the footage. But it was definitely the most fun,” he told NME.

“I mean it was definitely nerve-wracking too, but I really like comedic acting. I feel pretty comfortable in that space. I think I was most nervous [about] not the fact that it was a lead, but being the one kind of reacting to the characters that come passing through and sort of like I guess ‘the straight man’ is the term. That I was nervous about, I didn’t want to be uninteresting or just sort of there.”

‘Drunk Bus’ is out now on Digital Download

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