Could ‘Parks and Recreation’ make a comeback?

Amy Poehler says cast "would all do it"

Parks and Recreation could return after star Amy Poehler revealed the cast would be keen head back to Pawnee.

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The show’s last episode aired three years ago, running for a total of seven seasons and bagging a Golden Globe along the way.

Now, in a new interview with Ellen, Poehler has said that a Parks and Recreation comeback could happen.

“I’ll speak for everybody and say we would all do it. We would all do it someday,” she told the talk show host. However, Nick Offerman said it would only happen on one condition.

“We said that if Beyonce will play mayor, we’ll bring the show back,” he joked. “This is Beyonce Knowles, the singer”. See the interview below.

Earlier this year, Poehler and Offerman reunited for a new crafts competition show called ‘Making It’. The programme pits contestants against each other with two challenges per episode – one timed, the other themed – in things like painting, woodwork, and metalwork. One contestant will be crowned “Master Maker”.

In the promo clip, Poehler says: “I like people who make things.” Offerman continues: “And I love to make things, so we’re hosting a new show on NBC where incredibly talented people are going to have a friendly competition.”

The show will premiere on July 31 on NBC. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about ‘Making It’, Offerman said: “As a woodworker myself, I’m awfully proud to showcase all these talented Makers and be reunited with my charismatic pal Amy to boot. The question is: Is America thready for this? Strap in, our show will be pun-heavy.”