Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell tease “different” dynamic in latest collab ‘The Shrink Next Door’

“Tonally it’s different than things we’ve done before”

Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell have discussed what to expect from new Apple TV+ series The Shrink Next Door, which sees the actors offer something beyond their comedy roots.

Based on the psychological podcast, The Shrink Next Door follows New York businessman Martin ‘Marty’ Markowitz (Ferrell) and his psychiatrist Isaac ‘Ike’ Herschkopf (Rudd), who gradually starts to implant himself into the life of his patient.

Speaking to NME about the series, the pair, most known for starring together in Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy and its sequel, explained how this is a different kind of project for them.


“People can expect maybe something a little different than what they might anticipate when you think of the two of us together,” Rudd said. “It’s a different story, these are different characters, I think tonally it’s different than things we’ve done before, or that I’ve certainly done before with Will.”

Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd
Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd in ‘The Shrink Next Door’ CREDIT: Apple TV

Ferrell said: “I think you’re going to really find this amazing performance from Paul, in the sense that you’re used to charm and charisma from this guy, and you’ll see that but at the same time there’s a dark undertone there. The art of persuasion in this character is really powerful.”

Not content to leave the compliments there, Rudd replied: “And I would say this about Will, Will is vulnerable and so heartbreaking. It’s such a layered, nuanced, relatable, incredible performance.

“I’m a big Will Ferrell fan but I just see him in this and go, ‘What can’t he do?’”

Rudd, 52, was recently named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2021, and he isn’t brushing off the title with false modesty.


“I’m going to lean into it hard,” Rudd said about the honour. “I’m going to own this. I’m not going to try to be like ‘Oh, I’m so modest.’ I’m getting business cards made.”

In NME’s three-star review, The Shrink Next Door is described as “a bit of an anomaly” that’s “occasionally brilliant but tonally all over the place”.

The Shrink Next Door streams on Apple TV+ from November 12.