Penn Badgley knows how ‘You’ is supposed to end

Show producer Greg Berlanti pitched an ending prior to filming on season four

Penn Badgley was pitched a potential ending to You prior to filming on season four.

The actor, who plays serial killer Joe Goldberg in the Netflix thriller series, discussed the show’s lasting legacy during an interview with NME.

“How it ends will really, really matter [to that legacy],” Badgley said. “And that’s up to us; we need a satisfying ending. The question becomes: ‘What is satisfying for us [as viewers], not for Joe?’”


While the series has not been officially renewed for a fifth season, Badgley said the show’s endgame should address the question, ‘What is justice?’ – a subject that featured in a pitch for the potential ending from executive producer Greg Berlanti.

You season 4
Charlotte Richie and Penn Badgley in ‘You’ season four. CREDIT: Netflix

“If it’s not answering that question, because it is a tough one, maybe it’s figuring out an even more refined or elegant way to pose that question,” Badgley added. “That’s what we have an opportunity to do and I think what the writers have been positioning [the show] to do the whole time.

“The ending that they’ve pitched to me, I think it is that. Part of the reason I’m even able to say this is because of what Greg Berlanti shared with me: his idea about how it could end… and I can’t tell you what it is!”

Berlanti pitched the idea prior to filming on the show’s fourth season. “I think with this character, I need to know where it’s going,” Badgley said.

Charlotte Ritchie, who played Joe’s new love interest Kate in season four, recently told NME she’d like to return for a potential fifth season.


“I don’t know what’s going to happen next, or if anything will happen next – maybe they just go off into the sunset,” Ritchie said.

“It would be really cool, but you never know,” she continued. “I could end up dead in the [season five] opening credits!”

In a four-star review of the fourth season, NME wrote: “Yes, it’s all very silly, but it’s also surprisingly gripping and consistently witty. By the end of episode five, you’ll be craving the season’s second half more than you might care to admit.”

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