Some people are cancelling Netflix because they think its new series is ‘anti-white’

Netflix says the series, 'Dear White People', "satirizes 'post-racial' America".

Some people are cancelling their Netflix subscriptions because they think its new original series, Dear White People, is “anti-white”.

Dear White People, based on the hit 2014 film of the same name, launches on Netflix in April. The streaming giant describes the forthcoming series as follows: “Based on the acclaimed indie film, this series satirizes ‘post-racial’ America as students of color navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college.”

Since Netflix released a tongue-in-cheek date announcement trailer for the series earlier this week, it has received 23,000 likes on YouTube, but 259,000 – or more than 10 times as many – dislikes.


The trailer’s poor reception on YouTube comes as alt-right voices on Twitter claim that the series is “anti-white” and even “promotes white genocide”. Some people are tweeting that they have cancelled their Netflix subscriptions as a form of protest against the Netflix and the show.


Dear White People‘s 10-episode first season launches on Netflix in full on April 28. The show’s cast include Hit The Floor actress Logan Browning and 24 actor Dennis Haysbert, who is its narrator.

Justin Simien, director of the original film, which won an award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014, has returned to write and direct several episodes of the TV series.

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