Peter Capaldi accuses the BBC of taking Doctor Who for granted

The current doctor's particularly frustrated with the BBC's scheduling of the show

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has hit out at the BBC for the way it deals with the classic sci-fi series.

Capaldi is frustrated with the changes in the show’s running times, and become irritated with the BBC for not being more consistent.

He told Newsweek “It does frustrate me. If you’re going to have a family show, I think you have to build up a little ritual around it, and that ritual usually starts with having it on at the same time [every week]. Even I didn’t know what time it was on because it got later and later and later.


“Undoubtedly the BBC is an incredible organization, but…sometimes people there think that’s looking after itself. And it’s not being looked after. I think maybe their eye was taken off the ball, or the show was seen as a thing they could just push around. It’s not. It’s a special thing.”

Watch the trailer for the most recent season, season 9, via YouTube below:

Capaldi has also admitted he isn’t sure if he’ll continue with the show at the end of Steven Moffat‘s era in charge, which is set to continue for another couple of years at least.

“I don’t know yet,” he says of his future. “It’s such a long time until we get to that point. I love doing Doctor Who. Obviously things are going to change with it and I might want to carry on and see what that’s like—or I might not. It’s a very difficult decision to make, as Steven says, when it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve not made that decision yet.”

Capaldi won’t have to contend with show times again for a few months yet, with Doctor Who due back for a Christmas special on Christmas Day 2016.


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