Peter Griffin fights Liam Neeson in ‘Family Guy’ 250th episode preview – watch

Action hero guest stars in the sitcom's anniversary episode this Sunday (May 3)

Family Guy‘s Peter Griffin trades punches with action hero Liam Neeson in a new preview clip from the show’s 250th episode.

The episode, titled ‘Fighting Irish’, is set to premiere in the US on Sunday (May 3) and sees the Family Guy patriarch go head-to-head with the Taken star for a “down and dirty” duel.

“We learn that anytime Peter gets a few beers in him, he goes on a drunken rant about how he can beat up Liam Neeson,” the show’s executive producer Steve Callaghan told Entertainment Weekly. “Quagmire and Joe and Cleveland have reached their limit after hearing this same drunken rant one too many times—so they realise it’s time call Peter’s bluff.”

It was announced last month (March) that Seth MacFarlane’s hit animated sitcoms Family Guy and American Dad will move to ITV2 this autumn. Both shows currently air on BBC3 and FX in the UK, but following the move all new seasons of Family Guy will have their UK premiere on ITV2.

All new seasons of American Dad will have their UK premiere on ITV2 too, and the channel has also secured broadcasting rights to existing seasons of American Dad. Under the deal, new seasons of MacFarlane’s other animated sitcoms The Cleveland Show, a Family Guy spin-off, and the forthcoming Bordertown will also have their UK premiere on ITV2.