World’s most popular YouTuber explains “sad” absence from YouTube Rewind 2017

PewDiePie says he's "not salty"

PewDiePie, the world most popular YouTube star, has spoken out about his exclusion from this year’s YouTube Rewind end-of-year recap.

The nostalgic annual video round-up was released last week, and documents a huge number of memes and viral sensations from the past 12 months. Notably absent, however, was PewDiePie – a prominent YouTube figure whose 2017 has been marred by controversy.

Back in January, PewDiePie was dropped by Disney after sharing ‘anti-Semetic’ videos. In September, he was again the subject of a huge backlash after using the ‘n-word’ during a live stream broadcast.


Now, the 27-year-old Swedish comedian – real name Felix Kjellberg – has explained his absence from YouTube Rewind in a new video.

After revealing that he “wasn’t asked” to star, Kjellberg continued: “It’s sad in a way, that I’m not part of it. But like, I understand why, like I’m not salty at YouTube for not inviting me.

“But at the end of the day I care more about YouTube,” he continued. “I care more about what’s good for YouTube, what’s good for the platform, then being in it and… pissing people off.”

Watch the explanation video below.

PewDiePie has earned an estimated $124 million since 2010, making him the highest-paid YouTuber in the world.


Kjellberg built his wealth by commenting on video games and other hot topics. The star started posting YouTube videos in April of 2010 and has amassed 53 million YouTube subscribers. His videos have been watched over 14 billion times.