Piers Morgan accuses Ewan McGregor of being a ‘paedophile-loving hypocrite’ after interview snub

'Trainspotting' actor boycotted Morgan's 'Good Morning Britain' after comments he made about the Women's March

Piers Morgan has hit back at actor Ewan McGregor, who refused to appear on Good Morning Britain this morning (January 24) after he learned that Morgan presented the show.

McGregor boycotted the show due to Morgan’s recent criticism of last weekend’s Women’s March. The actor wrote on Twitter: “Was going on Good Morning Britain, didn’t realise @piersmorgan was host. Won’t go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch.”

In his latest Daily Mail column, Morgan accuses McGregor of hypocrisy, contrasting his support for women’s rights to his alleged “fondness” for director Roman Polanski. In an article that describes the actor as a “paedophile-loving hypocrite”, Morgan writes: “Had we done the interview, I might have asked him how his heroic support for women justified him working for director Roman Polanski, a self-confessed and convicted child abuser, on the film, The Ghostwriter.”

Piers Morgan

Morgan went on to post a series of tweets about the subject:

McGregor has not yet responded to Morgan’s latest remarks.

Morgan made headlines after he criticised the global women’s march against Donald Trump over the weekend when he wrote:  “Imagine if there were a load of men-only marches today? The feminists would go crackers”.

The host was heavily criticised across Twitter for his original comments with Lily Allen replying “fuck off” and his co-presenter Susanna Reid hitting back at him after she wrote: “You know you sit next to a feminist every morning, right?”

Piers Morgan previously got into a spat with Lady Gaga following his controversial comments about PTSD in which he described himself as “sceptical” about Gaga and Madonna’s claims of being victims of sexual assault.