Piers Morgan sparks controversy after asking trans couple ‘if he could identify as a black woman’

'Please stop fear-mongering as it doesn't help'

Piers Morgan has once again sparked a backlash – this time for questioning a trans couple if he would be able to ‘identify as a black woman’.

As International Business Times reports, the former News Of The World editor turned TV presenter was interviewing a trans couple who call themselves Fox and Owl on Good Morning Britain today, to discuss issues around International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

While Morgan claimed that “supported and respected” transgender rights, he added that issues around gender neutrality were a “massive fad”, and asked if he could identify as a “black woman”.


Fox then replied “you can – that doesn’t take away from how we identify,” before Owl continued: “It doesn’t really change anything about my life how another person identifies. You can identify in any way you want and that’s up to you. The problem is this is a hypothetical intellectual discussion for you, but this is about our actual identity.”

Speaking of their new children’s book about gender neutrality, Fox said: “This book is for three-year-olds upwards – so it’ll be good for you, Piers.”

Slamming Piers’ argument, Fox concluded: “It’s not about erasing gender. Nobody’s saying that people cannot be men or women, we’re saying that people can also be non-binary and gender needs to expand. Please stop fear-mongering as it doesn’t help. It’s not a fad.”

Viewers then took to Twitter to hit out at Morgan’s comments:


Morgan recently caused a similar stir when he slammed Emma Watson after she was haled by the first ever gender neutral MTV Awards.

Meanwhile, Paul Weller recently revealed that he’d never consider appearing on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories show.

“You get asked to do shit like that. But I’m not going to go on that show. Talk to that cunt? You’re joking me? I don’t do that stuff. It’s very, very unhip from where I come from.”