‘Poldark’ star was injured by a freak wave while shooting series two

The tide's sudden burst of strength forced the actor to break character for a moment.

Poldark star Aidan Turner has revealed that he was injured by a freak Cornish wave while shooting the new series of the hit BBC One drama.

Irish actor Turner, 33, was filming a water-based scene off the north Cornish coast when the tide’s sudden burst of strength forced him to break character for a moment.

“We were filming me lifting Demelza out of a boat in the actual sea when this huge wave picked up the boat and slammed it into my head,” the actor told the Radio Times. “I dropped her in the water – not very Ross Poldark.”


Turner also revealed that he was not the only person working on Poldark to be injured by the Cornish sea during shooting.

“One of the underwater cameramen got cracked as well and he was concussed,” Turner recalled. “These waves, you wouldn’t think there’s anything to them, but once you get out there you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature and she doesn’t care how well the previous season rated.”

Poldark returns to BBC One at 9pm this Sunday (September 4). Series two will comprise 10 episodes – two more than series one, which was a significant hit for the channel when it aired in March and April 2015.