‘Power’ star Omari Hardwick details changes he’d make to finale

"I emailed it in case Kemp uses it and I at least have credit"

Power star Omardi Hardwick has revealed the changes he would make to the show’s divisive finale.

The actor, who played Ghost in the STARZ show, had different ideas for the series – imagining seven seasons instead of six, and seeing the dramatic events play out differently.

“Between season 1 and season 2, I’m just now putting on the coat of Ghost, I’m trying to learn who this guy is and to get comfy with him,” Hardwick told Entertainment Weekly about the moment the idea came to him.


“I’m jogging in Boston, and it comes to me as how it should end. Just creatively I shared it with [Kemp]. I emailed it in case she uses it and I at least have credit.”

He continued: “What I email her was that it’s season 7 and Ghost, like Denzel [Washington] in Man on Fire, an eye for an eye, a life for a life, he has to go help his brother, Tommy.

“Tommy does what he shouldn’t do and Ghost has to give his life. I share with her, she likes it. I shared it with Joe, he’s a big brain, a hell of a writer, and he excitingly goes, ‘Oh man, let’s take it a whole other level.’ And we create Romeo and Romeo.”

The finale that aired saw Ghost get shot by his son Tariq, dying in the arms of his best friend Tommy. Hardwick added how Tommy might react differently in his version: “So when Ghost dies, Tommy can’t live without Ghost and Tommy takes his life and he falls on top of the body of Ghost. That’s what I thought should happen.”

Power is available to watch in full on STARZ.


Meanwhile, Hardwick recently spoke to NME about starring in new horror film Spell.

“The psychological thriller component is what drew me in more than the horror part of it,” Hardwick said of his role as Marquis T. Woods. “I had never known that genre. This film just had a different story to it.”