President Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star vandalised

It wouldn't be the first time

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star has been vandalised.

Pictures obtained by TMZ reveal that the US President’s star was defaced with a black marker and the phrase “Fuck Trump”. You can view the pic here.

The symbol was recently replaced after James Lambert Otis destroyed it with a pick-axe and sledgehammer in October 2016, barely a week before the election.


Otis said at the time that he planned to auction off the star to raise money for the women who accused Trump of sexual assault.

Otis was sentenced to three years of probation and 20 days of road maintenance work in February after pleading no contest to vandalism.

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He was also ordered to pay $3,700 to the Hollywood Historic Trust and $700 to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

No arrests have yet been made over the current defacing of Trump’s symbol.

It comes after author Stephen King recently compared Donald Trump to two characters that appear in his books.

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The writer – known for horror and thriller novels including Carrie, The Shining and IT – penned an article for The Guardian in which he described himself as “dismayed, but not particularly surprised” at Trump’s US election win.

King went on to compare Trump to Greg Stillson from his 1979 book The Dead Zone and Jim Rennie from 2009’s Under The Dome.

“I had written about such men before,” King continued. “In The Dead Zone, Greg Stillson is a door-to-door Bible salesman with a gift of gab, a ready wit and the common touch. He is laughed at when he runs for mayor in his small New England town, but he wins. He is laughed at when he runs for the House of Representatives (part of his platform is a promise to rocket America’s trash into outer space), but he wins again. When Johnny Smith, the novel’s precognitive hero, shakes his hand, he realises that some day Stillson is going to laugh and joke his way into the White House, where he will start world war three.”

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