Pringles mascot reveals full body following John Oliver’s request

“Do I need to know this? No. I don’t. Do I want to? Yes, very badly."

Pringles have revealed the full body of their iconic mascot for John Oliver.

The talkshow host mused on the fact he had never seen the body of the Pringles mascot on Last Week Tonight, sending the crisps company a dare to unveil the full character.

“Do I need to know this? No. I don’t. Do I want to? Yes, very badly so much so that I’m willing to give then thousand dollars to Feeding America if Pringles answers my question,” Oliver said in a video posted on his YouTube channel on Monday (December 7).


Pringles then obliged, posting reveal on their social accounts. “The moment @IamJohnOliver and @LastWeekTonight have been waiting for,” they wrote. “In honor of every second John has thought of Mr. P’s body, we are donating $1 to @feedingamerica, which happens to be $10K.”

Together, John Oliver and Pringles have raised $20,000 for Feeding America with the new stunt.

In his final show of the year, John Oliver told 2020 to “get fucked” in his yearly recap. “2020 was absolutely terrible and I really hope next year is going to be better, but the truth is [that] what happens next is up to all of us,” he said.

“It’s going to depend on how willing we are to fight, how well we learned from what’s happened and how much we are able to care about each other.”


Oliver noted the deaths of Chadwick Boseman, John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and included videos of police brutality in following George Floyd’s death.

He added: “Let tomorrow be about solutions. Today is about vengeance… fuck you, 2020. Get fucked.”