Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski hosts quarantine-themed cooking lessons on Instagram

Recipes include a 'Keep Calm' omelette-style dish

Antoni Porowski has launched a video series on Instagram to guide viewers through recipes using ingredients they’ve likely stocked up for self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Queer Eye‘s food guru said the thought came to him that many people will be having to make do with whatever groceries they’ve managed to buy in stores or ordered online. That’s where he can help.


“It dawned on me that I think a lot of people in the country – in the world – are actually going through this right now, where they go to the store and they can’t find what they want,” Porowski said at the start of the first episode. “But we’re stuck at home, so we might as well be able to prepare good food that’s good for us and makes us feel good.”

The first episode of the titled Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine viewers will see Porowski create a Keep Calm-lette (an omelette-style dish topped with black bean salsa and made with “whatever was left at the grocery store”).

The second episode sees Porowski cook “zoodles” (spiralised courgette noodles) that are loaded with spinach.

Elsewhere in the video series, Porowski urges viewers to donate to non-profit Feeding America, which is providing relief efforts to underserved communities impacted by coronavirus.

Queer Eye
Queer Eye. Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

In related news, last week Queer Eye was renewed for its sixth season ahead of the premiere of its fifth. There have been no updates on production of either series as the coronavirus pandemic worsens.


The hit Netflix show, which sees ‘the Fab Five’ makeover various people’s lives for boosted wellbeing, confidence and happiness, is – at present – due to return later this year.

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