Rain says his chemistry with Kim Bum in ‘Ghost Doctor’ is “beyond words”

“We had to know each other’s actions and movements too in order to recreate them exactly”

Rain has shared his thoughts on his on-set relationship with Ghost Doctor co-star Kim Bum.

In a recent press conference for the show’s premiere, Rain spoke about what it was like to star in the show alongside ex-After School member Uee and Apink‘s Son Na-eun, but especially with co-star Kim Bum of Tale Of The Nine Tailed fame.

“My chemistry with Kim Bum is beyond words,” Rain said during the press event, as translated by Soompi. “We had to know each other’s actions and movements too in order to recreate them exactly. Since I couldn’t just focus on my own part, I had to have more concentration than usual.”


Kim echoed Rain’s sentiments, sharing how he prepared for the show by observing him for months at a time. “I had to act as if I had Rain’s character’s soul in my body,” the actor elaborated. “I tried to imitate his habits and act like what it would be if he were in my body.”

The actor also shared how the nature of their roles led to both actors memorizing more lines than usual. “When Rain is in my body, I had to do his lines, and he had to do my lines sometimes as well,” Kim explained. “We had to memorize all of each other’s lines. That was a new experience for me.”

Directed by Boo Sung Chul, Ghost Doctor will revolve around the story of resident doctor Go Seung-tak (Kim Bum) and genius thoracic surgeon Cha Young-min (Rain), who end up as one after an unusual phenomenon. The fantasy medical drama premiered yesterday (January 3) on tvN, and is also available to stream on iQIYI.

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