Rainbow’s Jane and Freddy marry after 30 years

Couple were part of Rod, Jane and Freddy on the popular children's TV show

Jane Tucker and Freddy Marks from the children’s programme Rainbow have married after 30 years together.

The couple who were part of Rod, Jane and Freddie during the classic show, tied the knot over the weekend.

Actress Denise Welch was one of the first to send her congratulations to the couple.

She wrote via Twitter: “OMG!! Jane and Freddy from Rod, Jane and Freddie from Rainbow got married today!!!!”

Tucker was previously married to her other bandmate on the show – Rod Burton.

Speaking previously though, the couple played down allegations of an affair, reports The Daily Mirror.

Appearing alongside her first husband Rod, Jane said: “Rod and I were married and then we got divorced.

“That’s it basically. Some years later when Freddy joined, Freddy and I hooked up together.”

Freddy continued: “Rod and Jane had been divorced long before I actually joined the series. So with all the will in the world it was very difficult to make a menage a trois out of something that didn’t exist.”

Rainbow ran between five times weekly, twice weekly and finally once weekly on Fridays on ITV, from September 1972 to December 1992.

It was intended to develop language and number skills for pre-school children, and went on to win the Society Of Film And Television Arts Award For Best Children’s Programme in 1975.

After more than 1000 episodes (a total of 1071 episodes with 23 seasons), the series came to an abrupt end when Thames Television lost its ITV franchise at the end of 1992.