Rami Malek and Pete Davidson sing a ‘Squid Game’ country song on ‘SNL’

"Yes I’m broke and it’s a damn shame / Guess I gotta play the Squid Game"

Rami Malek and Pete Davidson parodied hit Netflix series Squid Game on Saturday Night Live last night, singing a country song as they made their way through the challenges.

The Korean survival drama has become the streaming platform’s most popular series ever, with over 111million people watching it since it premiered last month.

I just got laid off, bar tab ain’t paid off,” Davidson sang at the start of the sketch. “Yes I’m broke and it’s a damn shame / Guess I gotta play the Squid Game.”


He and guest host Malek were then seen donning the green tracksuits worn by the players in the show and moving through a recreation of its set. “₩45billion – that’s a whole lot of money,” Malek sang. “At least I think it is / I’m confused by the currency.”

The parody country song was set to the same tune as Big Wet and Branchez’s 2017 release ‘Turn Up On The Weekend’. Big Wet also featured in the sketch, taking on the role of a player who loses at the dalgona challenge.

As the show’s success continues to grow, Bedfordshire Council has urged parents to ban kids from watching the Netflix phenomenon. It said reports had emerged that children as young as six were “copying games and violence” seen in the show.

Meanwhile, star Lee Jung-jae has spoken about the possibility of a second season of Squid Game. “Because I’ve received so much love and support from [viewers], of course I have to play him again if there is a season two,” Lee said of his character, Seong Gi-hun.


“But at this point I don’t know anything about how the story is going to turn out, or how the characters are going to change, or if there is going to be any new characters adding to the series. I don’t know anything right now. And I also don’t know whether if Gi-hun’s role [will] still be the main role or like a minor role on the side. But whatever it’s going to be, of course I would have to say yes.”