Red Dwarf to return for tenth series

'Cat' actor Danny John-Jules reveals details of new run

Red Dwarf will return for a tenth series next year.

The sci-fi sitcom was revived by digital channel Dave in 2009 for the three-part story Back To Earth. Following the success of that series, a new series of six half-hour episodes has been commissioned, to begin shooting in November.

Danny John-Jules, who plays Cat in the show, revealed that the new series will revert back to its original single-camera format in front of a live studio audience.

He told Cult Box: “We’ve gone back to our original format, for obvious reasons. Everybody missed the studio audience bit. It’s a different rhythm when you’ve got a studio audience and I like that. There’s always that bit of fear that you’re going to screw up the best gag in the show in front of the audience. It sorts the men from the boys, let’s put it that way.”

The new series will once again screen on Dave. John-Jules explained: “The reason why it’s on Dave is that the BBC said there’s no audience for Red Dwarf any more. This is what we’re up against. [But] we’re quite happy – at the end of the day, the people who watch the show will decide whether it stays on telly or not. When a show gets three and a half million viewers on a cable channel, it’s not rocket science!”