Richard Linklater reveals follow-up to ‘Boyhood’

Eclectic director to make spiritual sequel to 'Dazed And Confused'

Richard Linklater will follow Boyhood with a project he’s referred to as the “spiritual sequel” to his 1993 high school comedy Dazed And Confused.

Inspired by his own college years, the Before Sunsrise director’s next film, titled That’s What I’m Talking About , will be set on a 1980s university campus and revolve around the trials and tribulations of a group of friends in their first year trying to make the baseball team.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Linklater has dropped out of filming The Incredible Mr Limpet – a live-action/animated hybrid remake of a 1964 film – to use the success of 12-years-in-the-making Boyhood as a platform to complete another personal project.


Set in 1976 amid the world of stoners, jock and geeks, Dazed And Confused (Linklater’s semi-autobiographical follow-up to debut feature Slacker) followed a group of Texan high school friends experiencing a last summer of parties and heartache before college. The film starred Matthew McConaughey alongside Ben Affleck and Jason London.

The filmmaker is also attached to direct Will Ferrell (Anchorman) and Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) in the adaptation of Daniel Asa Rose’s memoir Larry’s Kidney.