‘Rick and Morty’ now have their very own ‘Operation’ board game

The new version of the game is based on an episode from the show’s first season

Rick & Morty version of the Operation board game has officially been announced.

The new version of the game is based on the third episode of the show’s first season, Anatomy Park.

In the episode, Rick creates a theme park inside a homeless man called Ruben with each attraction featuring an internal organ, such as Pirates of the Pancreas or the Colon Log Ride, most of which are infected with a disease.


The Rick & Morty version of the board game is much the same as the original – players use tweezers to remove body parts without touching the edges.

But, the 13 “Funatomy” parts in question correspond to the attractions and diseases in the show: Cerebral Cortex Carousel, Esophageal Passage, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis, Haunted Liver, Bubonic Plague, Pirates of the Pancreas, Colon Log, Gonorrhea, Bladder Falls, Sphincter Dam, Hepatitis A and Bone Train.

This version of the game also comes with 26 custom Rick & Morty “Doctor” and “Specialist” cards, as well as play money.

Operation: Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Special Edition

The Rick and Morty version of Operation is only currently available in the US for $30. A UK release date is yet to be set.


Meanwhile, Channel 4 recently revealed it will exclusively air the fourth season of Rick & Morty as part of a new deal to bring the cult show to British TV.

Although an air date for season four is yet to emerge, the previous three seasons of the acclaimed animation are currently being shown on E4.