Fans think ‘Rick and Morty’ made a reference to coronavirus in latest episode

The animated series has returned for the second half of season four.

Rick and Morty fans are convinced that the show made a reference to the coronavirus in its latest episode.

The animated series returned last night (May 3) for the second half of its fourth season, though one particular moment has left viewers questioning how quickly the episode was made.

In one scene, Morty talks about buying a new train, Rick angrily responding: “Buy another one, Morty! Consume, Morty! Nobody’s out there shopping with this fucking virus!”


Many fans expressed their surprise at how rapidly the show managed to bring such a reference in.

“How the fuck did the new Rick and Morty episode slide a Corona virus joke in there…this episode was fuckin WILD lmao,” one viewer wrote.

“They really did just mention the Corona virus in the new Rick and Morty. That genuinely caught me off guard,” another added.

A third said: “So we just gonna ignore how rick and morty knew about the coronavirus 9months ago”.


Meanwhile, Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon recently revealed that a storyline he used in the animated series was originally intended for his other comedy series, Community.

Referencing season four episode ‘The Old Man and the Seat’, he explained that the plot of Rick’s private toilet being used by someone else was inspired by a planned plot for Jeff Winger.

“I can’t remember any ideas we always wanted to do but couldn’t crack… There was one concept that was always floating in the air which was the idea of doing an episode about Jeff Winger being a shy pooper,” he explained. “I ended up grafting that over to Rick And Morty.”

Rick and Morty‘s latest episode is due to air in the UK later this week on May 7.