‘Rick and Morty’ creators respond to viral ‘talking cat’ fan theory

Reddit fans speculated the cat could be a "cosmic entity of unspeakable evil"

Rick and Morty bosses Dan Harmon and Jeff Loveness have responded to the viral “talking cat” fan theory from season four.

During the ‘Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty’ episode, Matthew Broderick voiced a talking cat and every other character proceeded to ask the cat how he could talk.

This led to a fan theory on Reddit speculating about why the cat could talk, as only Rick and Jerry found out at the end of the episode and responded strongly.


In conversation with Decider, Harmon dispelled rumours and said: “The cat subplot was an attempt to just have fun. The cat represents that voice in your head in the writers room that you’re overthinking it.”

But despite there being no one truth, Jeff Loveness explained the inspiration for the cat. “That came from like those movies like Oliver and Company and all that,” he said. “They didn’t really explain why the cats can talk.”

Asked for an explanation about the cat, Chris Parnell, who voices Jerry in Rick and Morty, told Digital Spy: “Oh, wow. I guess it would be [the cat] just eviscerating other people, or maybe a sort of Hitler kind of ruler overseeing the death of millions, or – I don’t know – doing horrible sexual acts.”

Fans on Reddit had also speculated that the cat could be a Morty, a “cosmic entity of unspeakable evil”, a reference to a Garfield meme, or a “victim of unspeakable violence”.