‘Rick and Morty’ fans shocked by “traumatic” latest episode

"Another day, another incredibly traumatic adventure!"

Rick and Morty fans have taken to social media to express their shock after the latest “traumatic” episode of the series aired.

The new episode, called ‘Rickdependance Spray’, premiered on Sunday (July 11). A brief synopsis reads: “A failed experiment by Rick creates monsters that threaten the entire country as well as himself.”

One person wrote on Twitter: “So uh who’s gonna up to their actions and claim responsibility for Episode 4 of Rick and Morty Season 5?”


In their replies, another fan shared their disappointment. “I feel like this could have been funny but it just wasn’t,” they said. “It was just gross. the only thing that made me even think, oh that’s funny, is when the president said this is America and its an election cycle. I hate this.”

Some called the episode the “worst-ever” episode, with another branding it “horny teenager over the top shit”.

Many nodded to the crude nature of the storyline, which focused on Morty discovering a breeding mount used to collect semen from horses and the creation of a kind of intergalactic sperm that Rick and Morty must do battle against.

Check out some more reactions here:


In other Rick and Morty news, Zack Snyder recently said that he would be open to directing a spin-off film from the Adult Swim series. 

The filmmaker said “the closest” he would ever get to working on a comedy would be if he was asked to direct a Rick and Morty film.

“I don’t have like a straight comedy that I can think, you know, that’s like wall to wall straight comedy,” Snyder said during his appearance on The Film Junkee Vodka Stream (via CBR). “If I did the Rick And Morty movie that’s probably about the closest I’d get.”