‘Rick And Morty’ season six reviews: “A masterful mix”

"One of the most uproariously hilarious animated comedies around"

The first reviews for Rick And Morty season six have just been released.

New episodes of the beloved series premiere on Adult Swim on September 4 and will be simulcast on E4 and All4 on September 5.

Slash Film praised the “hilarious frivolity” of the first two new episodes, adding: “As it stands, Rick And Morty is one of the most uproariously hilarious animated comedies around, and the show’s sixth season is only more evidence to support that status.”


Both ComicBook and Consequence said there was little new surprise in the new episodes, with the latter saying the episodes are “up to the same standard of the show’s recent output.”

To the same point, ComicBook said that “while the premiere of Rick And Morty Season 6 may not reinvent the wheel, it is a masterful mix of the series’ most pleasing fan-service element.”

A change in pace was appreciated by Decider, who praised the “snappier, action-heavy adventure” in ‘Solaricks’.

The review added: “Diehard fans who have repeatedly rewatched this show can feel rewarded by the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them nods to past adventures. At the same time, those references are never so important as to feel distancing to more casual fans.”

A new Rick And Morty immersive fan experience is ongoing ahead of the arrival of the new season.

The new ‘Wormageddon’ project is described as an “immersive experience” and global treasure hunt, with fans of the show being tasked with finding 14 scenes that bridge the events of the end of season five and season six in nine hidden locations.