‘Rick and Morty’ stars open up about show’s future

"When you've got a universe set up like Rick and Morty, the possibilities are really endless"

The stars of Rick and Morty have discussed the show’s future beyond season 5 in a new interview.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Chris Parnell and Spencer Gremmer revealed that everyone involved in the show is happy to continue, as long as the network continues to order new episodes.

Parnell said: “I think [the writing team] hold the show to such a high standard. They care so much about it, they don’t want to just put something down that’s going to be filler. They really put a lot of time and thought and effort into it. And I think they love it, too.


“Over the years, I’m sure there’ll be writers coming and going, and new people with new ideas. But I don’t know. When you’ve got a universe set up like Rick and Morty, the possibilities are really endless.”

He continued: “As long as they’ll have me, I’ll be a part of the show. I’m never going to leave on my own account. Only if they decide they don’t need me anymore. I love doing it, and I love watching it. I just feel lucky to be a part of it, honestly.”

Rick and Morty
Season 4 of ‘Rick and Morty’ (CREDIT: Adult Swim)

Grammer said the show may well see more “unique…one-off” episodes in the future: “There’s always been ideas that circulate, or things they didn’t have, maybe, time to put into other shows, because you have such a short amount of minutes to get a story across.

“And I think this will allow for more unique, kind of one-off episodes to really take off, with a lot more specificity to Justin and Dan’s vision.
“In some ways, we’re really lucky we work with Adult Swim as we do, because I know… They really allow freedom for creators, and I think that’s when shows can be really unique and special: when they have the freedom to have a perspective that’s very unique, and I think Rick and Morty is allowed to have that.”


Earlier this month (May 5), Grammer said Rick and Morty are prepared to work on new episodes remotely while in lockdown if necessary.

Grammer, who voices Morty’s sister Summer on the show, told NME recording on season five has begun, and remote voice-work is entirely feasible.

“It works, it’s all totally fine, but it’s not as great,” Grammer began. “It’s sort of like doing a Zoom conference rather than doing an in-person interview. You’re different in person than when you’re remotely talking to somebody through a little computer box. We’ve recorded it that way but it’s just nice to see them.”

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