A Rick & Morty fan swapped their car for a packet of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce

Oh dear

Last weekend (October 7) police were called to certain US branches of McDonald’s, where an extremely limited supply of their one-day-only Szechuan sauce led to enormous queues and angry demonstrations by some Rick and Morty fans.

The short-lived 1998 promotional sauce (for Disney film Mulan) has become a phenomenon since it featured heavily in the Rick and Morty season 3 premiere in April 2017. McDonald’s are now promising to produce it in larger supplies and distribute it in more branches than before.

But in the meantime, one Michigan woman has profited from the sauce’s rarity and value, trading one packet for an entire car.


Rachel Marie, from Macomb, was trying to find someone on Facebook who would trade a collection of pins for the packet, and instead was offered a 2004 Volkswagen GTI – which she accepted.

Well…Youre hearing it here first folks ,Someone just traded a szechuan sauce for a car ?Also I heard these guys give away music festival tickets, drop a 'LIKE' ???⤵CC: Storm Group Entertainment

Posted by Justin Chiat on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rare sealed packets of the sauce are currently selling for several hundred dollars each on eBay – though McDonald’s is planning to bring back the sauce on wide release soon.