You can now buy official ‘Rick and Morty’ Halloween costumes

Including portal guns

Official Rick and Morty costumes are on sale, just in time for Halloween.

Fancy dress store Spirit Halloween is selling various items based on the cult Adult Swim show, including Rick and Morty masks and portal guns.

See pictures below and find the items at Spirit here.


Meanwhile, the creators of the show have responded to a Rick and Morty porn parody.

In a tweet to the Rick and Morty account at the weekend (October 13), Pornhub shared the link to new parody ‘Dick and Morty’ along with the caption, “I’m really really really sorry”.

The Rick and Morty account, run by the show’s writers and creators, joked in a now-deleted: “Not sure if this is canon” – using the term creators and fandoms employ to distinguish between the ‘official’ history of a fictional universe and unofficial or fan-created add-on stories.

They added: “NSFW/NSFC-137,” – ‘Not Safe For Work’ or ‘Not Safe For C-137’ – referring to the C-137 dimension in which first season of Rick & Morty begins.


A fan later asked if Pornhub had asked about licensing payments, to which the account responded: “Haha no”.

Earlier this month the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland distanced himself from McDonald’s and wrote that he was “not happy” with how they had handled the promotion for their extremely limited Szechuan Sauce promotion, after police were called to more than one branch of the fast-food chain in the USA to deal with overwhelming queues containing Rick and Morty fans.

After the sauce was heavily referenced in the Rick and Morty season 3 premiere on April 1, McDonald’s finally resurrected the sauce for a one-off promotion on October 7 – but in response to the huge demand, the company has announced it will be putting the sauce out on wide release as soon as possible.