Ricky Gervais eyes Sean Connery for new sitcom

The comedian is planning a new comedy set in a retirement home

Ricky Gervais is hoping to get Sean Connery on board for his next sitcom project.

The comedian is apparently planning a new series named Derek, set in a retirement home, and he is hoping to get the veteran James Bond actor to join the cast.

A source told The Sun: “They’re filming a pilot in London. It’s early days but it looks brilliant.. Ricky is in charge of the project and plays a man called Derek, living in an old people’s home, while Sean has been asked to play his elderly mate in the home.”


The insider added: “Ricky is keen to get it in the bag because Life’s Too Short hasn’t been getting great viewing figures.”

Gervais‘ current project follows dwarf actor Warwick Davis in a mockumentary as he attempts to get his career back on track. The most recent episode saw Johnny Depp guest star as himself, making reference to Gervais’ controversial hosting of the Golden Globes.

Meanwhile, Gervais is reportedly planning to team Davis up with Karl Pilkington for travel documentary The Short Way Round.