Ricky Gervais on future of ‘The Office’: ‘It’s not over until you’re dead’

Star graces this week's cover of free NME to mark release of new David Brent spin-off film

Ricky Gervais has said that he likes to give The Office fans “hope” about what the future holds for its characters, saying “it’s not over until you’re dead”.

Gervais reprises his role of Office character David Brent for upcoming movie, David Brent: Life On The Road, which opens in UK cinemas next week (August 19).

The actor originally portrayed the character of Brent in ​The Office ​from 2001-2003, later reviving the role for charity specials and a YouTube series.​


Speaking in this week’s free NME, available nationwide from today (August 12), Gervais gives no hint as to what became of Wernham Hogg’s other characters but says: “We simply don’t know. We don’t know what the future holds. So I try to leave people with a bit of hope… It’s not over until you’re dead.”

He did, however, reveal that Nelson, the black Labrador from the 2003 Christmas specials, has passed. “Nelson is dead now,” Gervais said. “We shot a scene for the film where [Brent has] got a little shrine with a picture of Nelson Mandela and a picture of Nelson the dog.”

On his alter-ego Brent, Gervais told NME: “I like him and I feel sorry for him. I sort of want to hug him but shake him as well. But he’s a nice guy.”

Elsewhere in the NME interview, Gervais spoke out against Brexit and said that it is like “going back to the fucking Victorian times”.


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