Ricky Gervais says he wants ‘Donald Trump to be president’ – watch

Comic admits he can't get enough of the controversial Republican candidate

Ricky Gervais has backed Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States.

The comic claims that the Republican contender is a natural comedian and he should have his own channel, in a clip you can watch below.

He told Late Night With Seth Myers: “I love him and I just want to see a channel of him 24/7 just talking because it’s amazing. I love it. He doesn’t mean to be funny – that’s the beauty of it though.”

The Republican candidate is vying for the U.S. presidency and has gone from being a worldwide joke to a serious contender, despite his controversial comments. Gervais also thinks that even if he doesn’t make it to the White House, he should be told he did get in – to make a reality series similar to 1998 movie The Truman Show.


“I think, what if we just told him he got in,” he added. “So he gets up every day and does a little address and we go, ‘Yeah that’s brilliant, Hi president’, and they’re all extras, and he just never knows that he was never President. And we were filming it and watching it.”

Yesterday, Nicki Minaj also dedicated her rendition of ‘Anaconda’ to Trump at a concert in New York.

Before introducing the track, Minaj said: “I’m very political and I would like to dedicate a song in the spirit of unity to Joe Biden and Donald Trump”.

Meanwhile, Gervais has stated that the upcoming David Brent movie, which sees him reprising his famous role from The Office, will be his last “big project” involving the character.