Ricky Gervais says New Year’s Honours should go to NHS staff not celebrities

"Give it to someone who gave a kidney to a stranger, not someone who invented a new type of mascara"

Ricky Gervais has shared his gratitude for NHS staff, saying that they should receive New Year’s Honours instead of celebrities.

The actor, who just released the second season of his hit Netflix show After Life, was speaking on Australian radio.

Speaking on the Christian O’Connell show, Gervais said: “I never want anyone to complain about the NHS again, or nurses or doctors or anyone on the front line.


“We’ve got to remember we clapped for them and that should always be there.”

Speaking about a way to honour the frontline staff, he added: “The New Year’s Honours list should not go to celebrities this year. It should go to those people.

After Life outtakes
Ricky Gervais as Tony in ‘After Life’ season two. CREDIT: Netflix/YouTube still

“Give it to someone who gave a kidney to a stranger, not someone who invented a new type of mascara.

“I’ve seen people given a knighthood for services to fashion. What are you talking about, services to fashion?”


Reviewing season two of After Life, NME called the new series Gervais’ “most moving work to date”.

After Life is the best example of Gervais’ ability to find beauty in the banal without glossing over life’s more depressing moments.

“His body of work post-The Office has always attempted this to some degree, but After Life seems to bottle exactly what Gervais set out to do. It’s some of his most moving work to date, and if you can stomach the occasional C-bomb, his most rewarding.”

A third season of the show has already been ordered by Netflix.