Watch ‘Riverdale’ star accidentally reveal spoiler

Luke Perry hints at second character being murdered

Riverdale star Luke Perry recently hinted at a spoiler about the show in an interview.

Perry (who plays Fred Andrews in the show) was being interviewed at WonderCon alongside his on-screen son KJ Apa (who plays lead character Archie).

Riverdale is based on the Archie Comic series and centres arounds the murder of character Jason Blossom but one of the most popular fan theories attached the show raises the question of a second character getting murdered.

When asked “What was your reaction when you found out about the second character who’s going to die?”, Apa appeared to brush off the suggestion, before Perry seemingly confirmed the theory.

“I felt it was too soon for them; and yet at the same time they deserved it,” Perry added, before Apa again tried to cover their tracks, saying: “Second character question mark?”

However, Perry continued to reiterate his spoiler: “Ah, I’m just telling you – it was too soon, but they had it coming”.

Watch below at the 3.40 mark.

Perry and Apa were also asked what their reaction was when they found out who Jason Blossom’s murderer was. “Couldn’t believe it,” Perry said, “We’re all reading [the script], flipped that page, and it just drops on you, like oh man.”